Well folks, I've put up a new version of the rules. After Saturday's playtest, it was clear a number of things needed either major changes, or simply removed altogether. Some of the changes are pretty big, and we'll see how they shake down in actual play. One of the biggest changes was dropping the rather anemic and convoluted Critical Threshold system. Partly this was due to it not working well with the present numbers, or with the online dice roller we use in the playtest group, but mostly it was because with the carryover mechanic, it seemed as if the critical mechanic really wasn't necessary. Instead, a simpler system has been put in place, based on the weapon used, or a flat value for magical attacks.

It also became clear that as written the monsters were quite the softies. Players were cleaving through them quite effortlessly, and this was making it difficult as a GM to provide much of a challenge. Part of this was that their Health and Armor values were simply too low, and another part of it was that the free magical weapons I'd given the party were simply too darn powerful. So both of those have been changed.

In addition, some other things were clarified and missing rules like Resting were included. there's probably still more absent, however, and as always I expect the errata page to slowly fill again as ideas come to me or show up in play.

Today also marks the date of the final paper to be written, to put an endcap on the game as school project, but fear not! I have been enjoying the design and play, so I won't be abandoning the game just because I'm not getting a grade anymore. It's just too much fun to do that!

J Arcane 16:38, August 8, 2010 (UTC)

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